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About Out Of Office

At Out Of Office, we believe that an organization is much more than just a workspace; it’s a source of inspiration and fulfillment, a state of mind. Our commitment is clear: as a consulting and design agency, we transform workspaces into authentic living environments. We capture the unique spirit of the company; we bring its strategy, culture, and values to life; we design human-centric spaces that reflect the unique character of the organization. As a dynamic company in full development, we are looking for a new experienced member to join our architecture team and contribute to this change.

The mission

As a Senior Architect Drafter, starting from a creative and innovative 3D concept, you will be responsible for producing 2D documents for projects, including plans, elevations, sections, bills of quantities, as well as technical details for submission files. You will be surrounded by a team of specialists and experienced collaborators; however, we expect you to be able to work independently and be responsible for the prodcution of 2D documents for projects of various sizes, while having a goos knowledge of the current standards in Belgium.

By joining our team, you also become a central pillar in the realization of our core values: enthusiasm, boldness, co-creation, coherence, curiosity, and innovation.

Your profile

More than just a profile, we are also looking for behaviors and talent that share our values

If what you read resonates with you, Out Of Office could become your new playground. Join our team!

We aspire to create a dynamic work environment where fulfillment and personal development are essential keys. With us, everyone has their place, and we celebrate the richness of diversity because talents come from all backgrounds! In addition to flexibility, you will have responsibilities, and you will contribute significantly: to the company, to our social and environmental commitments, and to all our stakeholders.

The offer



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