we are OOO

a creative studio specialized
in change management and design
transforming the way companies work
into innovative tailor-made workspaces

our vision of the future of work

Alive & Agile

People are a sensor between what is and what should be, companies grow from within.

Empowered people take charge, they lead the way, seek solutions, are accountable and take their own responsibilities.

Lean & Meaningful

People focus on what really matters, things make sense, waste has been taken away and organisations have a clear purpose.

Energy flows between people and in physical environments and spaces. Experimenting, learning, testing and innovation are key.

Open & Authentic

People are genuine, encounters are real, dialogues are open, environments safe, workplaces divers, human-scaled and authentic.

The outside world is brought in, knowledge is shared and new solutions are imagined.

Diverse & Connected

People favour trusted relationships, serendipity thrives, transversal connections occur and co-creation across silos takes place.

Experts from different disciplines collaborate, people live to their full potential, performances are high, and impact is tangible.

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