Change management and design company that transforms the way companies work

OOO envisions making a valuable contribution in co-creating environments where people and organisations can thrive, where purpose, human-centric approaches and authenticity are key

we are OOO

we are Out Of Office

As workstyle consultants, we ensure the transformation from a traditional to a future way of working, where values and strategies of companies become alive in both behaviour and design.

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we are The Studio

As conceptual thinkers, we design multifunctional, innovative and authentic environments with a soul. Places where people feel inspired and at ease, able to realise their full potential.

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we are Met Plaizier

As an active player in our society, at OOO we are convinced there is more energy, creativity and innovation when you connect the unlikely, when you open up your eco-system. And that's how our impact will be sustainable.

Met Plaizier is about connecting people in order to stimulate thinking and entrepreneurship. A unique place that breaks down the silos of our society and brings together people from different sectors, age groups and fields of expertise to share, dialogue, connect, learn, innovate, reboot, rethink and grow.

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OOO believes organisations will become

Alive & Agile

Where people are a sensor between what is and what should be. Where growth comes from within, empowered people take charge, lead the way, seek solutions and take their own responsibilities.

Lean & Meaningful

Where people focus on what really matters, things make sense, any type of waste has been taken away and organisations have a clear purpose. Where energy flows between people and in physical environments.

Open & Authentic

Where people are genuine, encounters real, dialogues open, environments authentic. Where we bring the outside world in, share knowledge and imagine new solutions together. We dare and experiment; learning and innovation are key.

Diverse & Connected

Where people favour trusted relationships, serendipity thrives, connections occur and co-creation across silos takes place. Where experts from different generations and sectors work together, people live to their full potential, performances are high, and impact is tangible.

the way we work is changing

Progress and innovation have changed the world in countless ways.

The past two decades have been marked by changes happening faster than ever. Technological developments have changed the way we live and work, and social media the way we communicate. Political, financial and educative systems are being questioned, and new systems are blooming everywhere.

Digitalisation has brought totally new perspectives and changed the way we do everything.

We have moved from the phase of the internet and the democratisation of information to the mobile phase, characterised by the ubiquity of information where smartphones are a virtual necessity, to the phase where Artificial Intelligence is entering our lives.

Many jobs once done by human beings are disappearing, total strangers are connecting and collaborating globally, and day-to-day friends are being estranged from one another.

People and organisations now need to adapt in order to match these technological developments with a human-centric approach if they want to continue to thrive.