Our company

As a consultancy and design agency, we capture the company’s unique state of mind; we bring corporate ​strategy, culture & values to life; we design human-centric spaces that highlight the uniqueness​ of the company.​

Our vision

An organization is more than just a place to work, it is a place to feel inspired and to flourish.

People expect more than just a salary and material benefits from the organization that employs them. They need to identify and embrace its values and worldview. By aligning what it says with what it does, an organization helps to increase the creativity, innovation and autonomy of its talented employees and to retain them longer.

What we do

Our starting point is the organization itself, not its products.

The workspace plays an essential role in expressing the values of the company. The design of authentic, human-sized spaces in which employees can flourish also makes a difference for the recruitment market. 

The spaces we design are unique because they reflect the organization, what it is, its values and its culture. Our designs are therefore the result of thorough cooperation with a maximum number of stakeholders from the very beginning of the process. 

The spaces we create are the antithesis of standardization and are inclusive, so that each individual can find their place and dare to be themselves. The human being is definitely at the centre of our concerns. 

We accompany our clients from A to Z, from understanding who they are to drawing up the plans for their new spaces, right up to the placing of the last chair. We challenge them and bring them innovative ideas for their future working methods.

Who we are

At Out Of Office, we have brought together a multidisciplinary team of architects, interior designers and change-management specialists, headed by experienced project managers who carry out our various projects.