What we do

Bringing visions to life

We are a change management & design company that envisions making a valuable contribution in co-creating, with each client, tailor-made workstyles and work environments, where people and organizations can thrive, where purpose, human-centricity and authenticity are key.

What keeps us awake at night, is to

  • transform the way companies work
  • bring strategies and values to life in both behavior and design
  • create safe environments allowing connections and innovation to occur
  • bring coherence between marketing and the workstyle and workplace (we practice what we preach)
  • help build strong authentic and energetic cultures in a work environment with a soul
  • dare to challenge the status quo

As workstyle consultants, we ensure the transformation from a traditional to a future way of working.

As workplace designers, we create multifunctional, innovative, and authentic environments with a soul. Places where people feel inspired and at ease, able to realize their full potential, connect to others, create a transversal network, learn, and grow.

The way we work is changing

Technological developments enable people to work regardless of time and place. It no longer matters where, when and with whom one works, as long as the work gets done within the set time and with the required results.

One trend we see is autonomy. More and more people are taking charge of their own work and are seeking the freedom, flexibility, sense of empowerment and self-responsibility to carry out their work as they see fit.

Another trend we see is connectedness. More and more people choose to work for companies they feel aligned with, and which encourage the sharing of knowledge and experiences within or outside the organization. Companies that enable them to learn, grow and innovate.

Boundaries between industries are fading away. Offices, hotels, bars, restaurants and shops more and more look alike and co-working and co-living communities are blooming everywhere. This underlines a shift in how we live and how we expect society to support us.

One trend we see is sharing. More and more companies and people see the value of sharing their assets and services. Companies commit to building trustful relationships with their ecosystem. Companies start bringing the outside world in by hosting copro-working within their own offices in order to mingle with start-ups and other enterprises.

Another trend we see is diversity. More and more people and companies see the value of moving from ‘one size fits all to inclusion and diversity. Companies realise that diversity encourages tolerance, stimulates creativity and passion and develops energy and respect between people.

Organizations will need to rethink their purpose, structure, leadership style and employee engagement. They will need to adapt their way of working to match these developments and trends if they want to continue to innovate, attract and retain high potentials.

Business for good of OOO

We have brought our own philosophy to life with our business for good Met Plaizier

As strong believers in the power of connections, serendipity, and entrepreneurship, we have opened our doors to the outside world by creating Met Plaizier.

At Met Plaizier we organize encounters between people from different sectors, age groups and fields of expertise to share, dialogue, connect, learn, innovate, reboot, rethink and grow. In order to develop an entrepreneurial, solution-oriented, creative and daring attitude. A unique place that breaks down the silos of our society.

Met Plaizier is a place that conveys this energy around 3 axes. (Good!) food. What could be more unifying? The Store. A vitrine for young entrepreneurs. Society. A community that connects people. Food, objects, and people mingle without yielding and in all simplicity.

OOO is involved in Met Plaizier in three ways:

  • By offering Met Plaizier 1/5th of its office space.
  • By organizing Met Plaizier Society events.
  • By supporting the operation of the venue.