Silversquare Stephanie, Brussels Project

A cutting-edge coworking concept

Silversquare is a progressive and prestigious coworking workspace that already has 5 addresses in Belgium and Luxembourg and 1000+ members.


2016 - 2017


1 750 m2

Interior design
Macro and micro layout, made-to-measure furniture, mood boards and choice of materials and furniture.
Budget estimation of the interior design & follow-up work.

In 2016 Silversquare decided to open a third co-working hub in Brussels. OOO was asked to implement the same innovative state-of-the-art futuristic working concept implemented on Avenue Louise in 2014, in new co-working spaces on Place Stephanie.

more about us

The first collaboration of Silversquare with OOO has brought us a complete change of perspective on the way we would provide coworking to our member community, which would enable us to outgrow our national competitors at the time. This was 2014, and our collaboration led us to work on 4 wonderful coworking projects with Anouk and Coline : Silversquare Louise, Silversquare Europe, Silversquare Stéphanie and Silversquare Luxembourg. On top of the excellent work we did together, we had a great time - an aspect often forgotten, but a key success factor according to us.

Axel Kuborn, Co-Founder