Mobivia, Lille Project

The move FACTORY: a new unique place dedicated to entrepreneurs and mobility experts

MOBIVIA, with its network of 8 brands (Norauto, Midas, Auto5, MGTS, Carter Cash, …), Via-ID and its 26 startups and innovative projects focused on the development of new ways of mobility, is a European leader in vehicle maintenance and equipment that has the mission to offer useful, innovative, and sustainable mobility solutions.


2018 - 2022


8 000 m2

800 collaborators


interior design



MOBIVIA asked us to help them imagine, define, and realize an innovative future way of working for all Mobivia brands with the aim to stimulate the co-creation, collaboration, and the level of innovation between all brands. Therefore, a new headquarters is built in Lille where all 800 employees of the Mobivia brands will work both activity based and agile.

The new building “The Move FACTORY” will not only be dedicated to Mobivia employees, since it will host a corpoworking, an innovation penthouse, a restaurant, a HUB, some retail, an outdoor patio, a garden and some rooftops where next to the 800 employees of the Mobivia brands, 1500 experts and entrepreneurs of start-ups and SME’s working around “mobility” (a rapidly changing sector at the heart of our daily lives), associations, research centers, schools and universities will mingle, collaborate, innovate and come together on a daily basis. The multiple creative and innovative spaces will stimulate the connections and collaboration between different actors in one single place, to promote collective innovation and experimentation.

The new building also aims for the highest objectives of environmental performance and comfort (photovoltaic energy production, self-regulation of the interior temperature by the building, a bream certification and much more).

For the construction of this global site, called Open’R, in Villeneuve d’Ascq, Out Of Office collaborated with Maes-Groupe, Alter Ego, My Dynamic Workplace, Preventec, Vinci-construction/Adim, Groupe Projex.


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7 different environments were created

  • HUB >> for connection & collaboration with copro-working
  • Partage >> for connection & serendipity with all Mobivia brands
  • Ancrage >> for teamwork & agile working within Mobivia brands
  • Academy >> for learning & development
  • Smart space >> for co-creation
  • Penthouse >> for innovation
  • Garden & Patio >> for outdoor collaboration & relaxation

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