European Youth Forum, Brussels Project

Create a shared vision for their new workspace

The European Youth Forum is the platform organisation advocating for youth rights in Europe. It is made up of over 100 National Youth Councils and international youth NGOs from across Europe.




35 collaborators


change management



The European Youth Forum is planning to move to a new office space (rent or buy) and to take advantage of the situation to implement a new working method in order to:

  • Creating workspaces that reflect the company’s values and objectives.
  • Supporting the activities of the various employees and professions of today and tomorrow.
  • Contributing to the well-being of every employee.
  • Making the company more modern.
  • Stimulating exchange, interaction, and collaboration between employees, as well as creativity and innovation.

The challenge of our assignment for the European Youth Forum was to define the type of office space that would best suit the company in the event of a lease or purchase (concept and atmosphere) and to define their future working method.

Through a process of co-creation with their team, consultancy, workshops and analysis of their culture and behaviour, Out Of Office was able to identify needs and activities, analyse the use of the existing office and define the vision and ambitions of the future working method.  

We then defined the macro-concept, the programme and the moodboard: What activities are carried out and why? How much space is needed for each type of activity? Which zone with which level of atmosphere and energy?

Finally, we worked on getting all levels of the company on board with the future working method, strengthening links and cross-functionality between teams and creating a shared vision of their workspace.

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