DKV and ERGO, Brussels Project

How do you get employees back into the office?

DKV is the specialist in private health insurance in Belgium. ERGO is one of the major insurance groups in Germany and Europe.




480 collaborators


change management



As part of our assignment for DKV and ERGO Belgium, we were asked to define their future working method. After covid, our client was faced with the following problem: How do you get employees back into the office?

The aim was to develop and implement a way of working with and for the 480 employees that reflects DKV and ERGO’s values and is in line with DKV and ERGO’s culture, values, and strategy.

So, it was through ourapproach involving all the stakeholders, the constant feedback, and the active participation of management throughout the process, that we were able to analyse the company, the existing working methods (mental, physical and virtual), the values, and how employees felt and what they needed to come back into the office.

Specially, Out Of Office made propositions and advised DKV and ERGO to:

  • Define the ambitions of the future working method (mental, physical, and virtual) in terms of both the guiding principles and the conditions for success.
  • Define the main phases and milestones for the future working method.
  • Define the roadmap to be followed to get the teams involved in implementing the future working method.
  • Define the gap between the current way of working (mental, physical, and virtual) and the future way of working (mapping hopes, fears, and tangible solutions).

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