As workstyle consultants, we ensure the transformation from a traditional to a future way of working, where values and strategies of companies become alive in both behaviour and design.

we are Out Of Office

The way we work is changing

Technological developments enable people to work regardless of time and place. It no longer matters where, when and with whom one works, as long as the work gets done within the set time and with the required results.

One trend we see is autonomy. More and more people are taking charge of their own work and are seeking the freedom, flexibility and sense of self-responsibility to carry out their work as they see fit. Freelancers will outnumber salaried employees within a few years.

Another trend we see is connectedness. More and more people choose to work for companies they feel aligned with and which encourage the sharing of knowledge and experiences within or outside the organisation. Companies that enable them to learn and innovate.

Organisations will need to rethink their purpose, structure, leadership style and employee engagement. They will need to adapt their way of working to match these developments and trends if they want to continue to attract and retain high potentials.

10% of our benefits are donated to the activities of The Youth Project