As strong believers in the power of youth, at OOO, we try to equip young adults with the skills and mindset they need to develop an entrepreneurial attitude, focused on solutions and creativity, so that they become our leaders of tomorrow.

we are The Youth Project



Entrepreneurial mindsets meet Education​

OOO has transformed part of their own offices in a co-learning space in order to advise, supervise and guide young adults who aim to launch a start-up from an early age.

Employees at OOO devote 2 hours per week of their working time giving individual attention to a young entrepreneur.

Are you between 12 and 18 years old? Do you have an idea for a project that you want to develop? Does this project concern the fields of fashion, design or food? Contact Anouk van Oordt

Open innovation festivals


Business & Government meet Education​

OOO organizes open innovation festivals in order that students become sounding boards for business and governmental challenges.

Employees at OOO build bridges between people from different sectors, age groups and areas of expertise.

Are you between 14 and 18 years old? Do you want to participate with your class and teacher in brainstorming on business or government issues? Do you want to get involved in the world of tomorrow? Contact Anouk van Oordt

Sport competitions coaching

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Sport Competitions meet Education

OOO teaches young adults to walk the extra mile and co-achieve their goals during sport competitions.

Employees at OOO stimulate teams mentaly in developping teamspirit and the will to never give up.

Are you between 12 and 18 years old? Do you want to get into the sailing competition and be part of a team? Contact Jean Leclercq

The way we learn is changing

The challenges children face today are very different from those that awaited us when we were young. Many of what we see as good jobs today will either be automated or heavily devalued in the future. At OOO, we believe we must rethink the way we prepare for the world to come.

On the other hand, organizations are also looking for other ways to increase the efficiency of their innovation processes. The mobility and availability of highly skilled people have increased over the years and large amounts of expertise exist today outside of organizations.

Open innovation gets introduced into businesses. Teamwork is growing in importance. Organizations strive to break through existing silos and do most of the high-value work in cross-functional teams. Collaboration becomes a competitive advantage and strategic skills evolve from cognitive to social.

If they want to grow and continue to flourish, children and organizations will need to develop their ability to connect, communicate, collaborate.

That’s why OOO organizes open innovation festivals with the aim to break silos in our society and create sustainable relationships with people from different sectors, age groups and areas of expertise, allowing real innovation and impact to occur. OOO employees also coach young adults with a focus on their talent, self-confidence, open mindedness, creativity, assertiveness and perseverance.

In collaboration with
Coline Lescot
for the youth incubator & open innovation festivals

In collaboration with Veerle Pappaert
for the youth incubator & open innovation festivals

In collaboration with
Jean Leclercq
for the sport competitions coaching