As conceptual thinkers, we design multifunctional, innovative and authentic environments with a soul. Places where people feel inspired and at ease, able to realise their full potential.

we are The Studio

The way we live is changing

Boundaries between industries are fading away. Offices, hotels, bars, restaurants and shops more and more look alike and co-working and co-living communities are blooming everywhere.This underlines a shift in how we live and how we expect society to support us.

One trend we see is sharing. More and more companies and people see the value of sharing their assets and services. People commit to building trustful relationships and the freelance revolution is large and growing every day.

Another trend we see is diversity. More and more people work for more than one company at the same time. Companies realise that diversity encourages tolerance, stimulates creativity and develops respect and understanding.

10% of our benefits are donated to the activities of The Youth Project