Gaming1, Les Guillemins Project

The freedom to stimulate transversal collaboration and provide better support

GAMING1, with nearly 800 employees worldwide including 250 at its headquarters in Liège, is a Belgian technology company specializing in the development of online gaming platforms.

Change management
Development of the concept and implementation of the future GAMING1 Workstyle.

Interior design
Macro and micro layout, made-to-measure furniture, mood boards, signage and choice of materials and furniture.

Budget estimation of the interior design & follow-up work.

GAMING1, wich is part of the Ardent Group, is supporting a rapid growth. They made the decision to move from Liège airport to a brand new building situated in the center  of the city. The objective of the project is to implement their own Workstyle, to create a physical building that will be a lever to make their vision tangible in space, to have a workplace that support their growth.

The “G1 Workstyle” has the ambitions of:
* Stimulate cross-functional teamwork
* Promote collaboration between the different professions
* Establish 2 ways of working: AGILE & ABW
* Push the development of talents and cultivate the learning of new professions (training policy, internal mobility, lunch & learn, etc.)
* Stimulate creativity, pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit (smartroom, brainstorming areas, collective intelligence, etc.)
* Promote teamspirit and connection between employees (connection spaces, events & parties, etc.)
* Attract and retain talent

The desire of GAMING1 was to consider the space in VUCA mode. To develop a concept around employees connection, wich allows them to adapt to existing and emerging professions, which are created as they grow. Our two Change Management & Design teams work hand in hand with the Gaming1 teams to implement this new way of working. OOO design team has eliminated impersonal open spaces in favor of a single place where employees are free to work according to their goals for the day. The freedom to stimulate transversal collaboration and provide better support, with a diversity of workstations and flexibility for all. The project has 2 buildings with 4 distinct areas.

* G1 Café> Reception and visitor area / Events zones / Café
* Connection Space> Large meeting rooms / bars / project zones / events zones / games
* Collaboration Squares> ABW & AG1LE work area / Dynamic Archiving
* Library> Zen space / Concentration

This new way of working is in line with the work of the teams, the culture and the corporate values (team spirit, integrity, pleasure, performance, audacity). A place where we feel good, which breaks silos.


How lucky to be working with such an inspiring person as Anouk van Oordt in the development of our new workspaces at Gaming1. An innovative approach that places people at the center of concerns in order to create workspaces aligned with our strategic vision and our values. We can't wait to experience the results of our collaboration at HQ in Bierset and soon at Guillemins.

Julie Thomas, HR Director

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