How we work

Integral approach

Our work is to co-create, with each client, tailor-made solutions by analysing values, visions, strategies, and making them tangible in their workstyle and workspaces.

To create and implement a way of working that is effective, we are convinced that it is of great importance to define a shared vision with all stakeholders and involve all employees.

And also, to create mental, physical, and virtual environments that are aligned with each other and in harmony with the vision, values, culture and needs of the company and the trends that will influence.

During the whole transformation journey, the transformation will lead the design, and once we go live, the design will allow the transformation to occur. Values and strategies will be brought to life in both behavior and design.

A journey with us

We listen to every voices in your company. We get to know your culture, your vison, your purpose, and your existing ways of working. We see the benefits, risks, challenges and gather data on needs.

We challenge the status quo, we take away waste, we are curious and open to new user experiences and other ways of working. We define the project’s ambitions for the future workstyle and work environments.

We create new human-scaled work environments that are flexible and diverse and where forms always follow function. Our framework is activity-based working within a hybrid workstyle.

We conceive authentic ambiances, organic and intuitive workplaces, with real materials and a soul. Always finding the right balance between design and resources.

We connect people by creating a safe environment in which an alignment behind purpose is possible. We bring values to life in the future workstyle, and we build a link between behaviour, values and design.