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As eco-system builders, we equip people with the skills and mindset they need to break silos within our society and create sustainable relationships with people from different sectors, age groups and areas of expertise, allowing real innovation and impact to occur.

we are The Challenge

The way we thrive is changing

Organisations are looking for other ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their innovation processes. The mobility and availability of highly educated people has increased over the years and large amounts of knowledge exist today outside organisations. Education on the other hand is supposed to prepare us for the future.

The challenges that kids face today are very different from those we faced when we were young. Many of what are considered good jobs today will be either automated or greatly devalued in the future.

One trend we see is Open Innovation. More and more companies are shifting from a closed innovation process towards a more open way of innovating.

Another trend we see is Teamwork. More and more companies aim to break silos and perform most high-value work in transversal teams. Collaboration is becoming a competitive advantage and skills are shifting from cognitive to social.

Kids and organisations will need to develop the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate with diverse types of expertise and age group, and to rethink how to be better prepared for the world to come if they want to grow and continue to thrive.

In collaboration with Jean Leclercq for the sportive challenges